Imagine your world free from harmful cleaning products!

Electrochemically Activated
Hypochlorous Acid Based
Disinfectant Maker

Organic Disinfectant + Cleaner + Sanitizer


Non Toxic


Kills 99.99% Bacteria & Viruses


Human Friendly


Food Safe


Eco Friendly

Now make Hypochlorous Acid on-site & get an organic Chemical-free Disinfectant which is also a Cleaner & Sanitizer rolled into one by using just Water & Salt with a kill rate of 99.99% of all bacteria, Virus, Fungi, Yeast & Mould including SARS-CoV-2(Covid-19).

Our Products

We produce Hypochlorous acid generators that powers through electrolysis of water & salt which is used for disinfection & sanitization in a multitude of different applications.

AQUOX Portable Disinfectant Generator


AQUOX Commercial Disinfectant Generator


The Technology

AQUOX leads its way through Electrochemical activation (ECA) process based scientific solutions that produces the most potent and natural disinfectants used for surface, food & human contact.

The Application

A multi-application disinfectant to fight bacteria, viruses & pathogens across healthcare, hospitality, food & beverages, agriculture, consumer products & various other industries.

Benefits of AQUOX

• Most effective & natural method of eliminating bacteria
• Modern & automated system
• Easy to use with minimum maintenance
• Over 50 years of experience in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer & various other industries
• Recognized as industry leaders with products widely used within India & Internationally
• Safe for human & animals
• Eco-friendly – Saves our planet
• Low cost – Saves money & time