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We undertake development and manufacturing of special application fasteners and precision components. We have built an expertise in manufacturing of complex machined parts within close tolerances. We have developed an extensive knowledge base, technical and managerial skills in manufacturing processes, quality control, materials purchase, storage and technological requirements which allow us to support our customers requirements.
Our mission is to create a holistic work environment for our staff to enable them to deliver high quality products and ensure agile processes to exceed customer expectations. Aryan Aerospace Fasteners remains a wholly family-owned and family-run enterprise promising stability, quality and customer centricity.

With a multi-speciality manufacturing base, trained manpower, rich & diverse experience in material sourcing, machining and unwavering focus on quality, we aim to become market leaders in the machined components space.

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Aryan Aerospace Fasteners was conceived as a result of the promoters’ long standing wish to serve the country and its armed forces. With this feeling at heart, the firm was setup to manufacture spare parts for the Indian Air Force via Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd and directly to the IAF’s Base Repair Depots. The company has furthered the Make-In-India initiative since inception by participating in the indigenization efforts of the Indian Air Force. This has contributed to the nation’s self-sufficiency in maintenance and overhaul of defence aircraft. The company has developed 8000+ components for which Local Certificates have been awarded by the Indian Air Force as well as developed indigenized components for Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd for various aircraft like Mig-27, Mig-29, Su-30, LCA Tejas amongst others. Other than these, the company counts the Indian Navy, Ordinance Factories, Drone Manufacturers, Fertilizer manufacturers amongst it’s prestigious customers.

Manufacturing Setup

The company is located at M-79 MIDC Ambad with a multi-speciality manufacturing setup, skilled manpower and refined QA/QC processes. There are 4 sections with 30+ machines of different capabilities run by a staff of 28 people. A large infrastructure with all in house facilities and a well trained operator base gives us wide capability to undertake production jobs of small, medium and large scale. Availability of multiple machinery works to an advantage in taking up production tasks at a short notice and in a timely manner.

Materials Used

The Company is using a diverse range of materials from basic pure lead for manufacturing of seals to various types of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous alloys supplied by Indian Air Force and HAL as well as procured directly from approved sources. Steel and Steel Alloys – 30KHGSA, EN24, EN31, EN8, EN19, SS304, SS316 and others Aluminium and alloys – HE15, HE30, IS8513, IS8937, IS8514, IS8936, IS8938, 7075 and others Titanium Grade 1, Titanium Grade 2, Titanium Grade 3, Titanium Grade 5 and other grades Other non-ferrous metals – Brass, Copper, Bronze and their alloys Non-metallic materials – Lead, Felt, PTFE, Bakelite, Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, Paronite and others

Range of Products

  • Screws, Pins, Studs, Eyelets, Plugs, Lugs
  • Bolts – Machined and Hot Forged; Heads of type Hexagonal, Square, Round, Pan, Mushroom, CSK 90˚-120˚, Cross Slot, Straight Slot, Internal Hex, Internal Square, Set, Grub, Dog Screws, Tapered Dowel Pins
  • Nuts – Plain, Castled, Self Locking, Floating, Squeezing, Round, Knurled, Flange, Clinched
  • Washers – Plain, Spring, Cup, Star, Tab, Single petal, Double petal, Lock, Thrust, Retaining, Safety, Teflon, Circlips
  • Rings – Locking, Spring, Safety, Retaining, Insulating
  • Chain, Couplings, Half-coupling, Blanking caps, Bushes, Clamps, Rivets, Gaskets, Metal braiding
  • Springs, T-joints, Elbows, Unions, Clips, Brackets, Adaptors, Aluminium anodised labels
  • Special tools, dies, jigs & fixtures
  • Large range of mechanical assemblies
  • Titanium fasteners and components
  • Bakelite parts, Felt and Paronite parts, PTFE parts
  • Complex machined components involving multiple operations like Turning, Precision Milling, Deep Hole drilling, Polishing, Thread cutting, Reaming etc.
  • Critical machining of stampings/forgings using in-house developed fixtures and jigs
  • Design and manufacture of ultrasonic welding tools

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