Conventional M/C Shop

We have 25+ years experience in machining of parts via conventional machines – turning, milling, drilling, thread cutting etc is carried out in our conventional machine shop using lathe machines, Automats, universal milling machines and drilling machines. We are also equipped with a plano milling machine to work with large size components ranging from 1000 mm upto 3000 mm. We are experienced in machining of alloy a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals alongwith non-metallic materials.

With conventional machining, the manufacturning process controls and systematic QC regimen are harder to implement to ensure a high level of quality and part-to-part consistency. For the same, we implement a rigorous system of in-process inspection. We have also retained manpower with more than 200+ years combined experience to ensure quality standards are maintained across different manufacturing platforms. For more specific information about our machining capabilities or to make an inquiry, please contact us.