Ultrasonic Welding Tools

The key components in ultrasonic plastic welding (and in ultrasonic non-ferrous metals welding) are the ultrasonic tooling – the Horn (Sonotrode), and the Fixture. The ultrasonic tools, especially the horns (Sonotrodes), are made of aircraft grade aluminium or titanium alloys. We are well equipped to custom-design, machine and calibrate these – to critical tolerances, be it mechanical dimensions, or their natural resonant frequencies. 

Along with our associates – Nevik Ultrasonics (40+ years’ experience in this field) – we have total in-house capability to design and manufacture Ultrasonic Tools for ANY brand and model of ultrasonic plastic or metal welding equipment, irrespective of its output power and output frequency. We have been actively engaged in this field for many years, and are preferred suppliers to major Indian corporates, besides exporting ultrasonic horns (Sonotrodes) to users in Europe, USA and Australia. To know more about our capabilities in Ultrasonic welding or to make an inquiry, please contact us.