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Our Approach

Our approach is based on “KPI” Model that takes into consideration holistic development of our customers in terms of growth, institutional infrastructure and social welfare augmentation by performing accurate need assessment and identifying a social angle to strengthen their portfolio.

Our Products

Goat Milk

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Goat Cheese

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Goat Meat

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About Yuva Mitra Agro

Yuva Mitra Multi Agro Services Private Limited is a Knowledge Management Company based at Sinnar Taluka of Nashik District, Maharashtra. It was established by Yuva Mitra, a development organization in the year 2006. We operate as a standard marketing and consulting firm with a prime focus on goatery business managing all aspects of goat value chain. 

We are the only organization to have 1 lac+ goats and support of 25000+ women goat entrepreneurs. We are first-of-its-kind customer centric, organized and professionally managed integrated value chain organization and we aim to promote health while sustaining livelihoods.

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